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Designing A Stone Around A Large Photo Plate

February 28, 2018

Sometimes a photo just says the most.

Remember the old Chinese proverb,

                                                 "A picture is worth ten thousand words?"

This is a large, 9 1/2"x11 3/4"  vertical porcelain oval photo plate that is set into the stone.



This is also a large, 9 1/2"x11 3/4" vertical porcelain oval photo plate with a beautiful added background.


A large, 9 1/2"x11 3/4" horizontal porcelain oval photo plate showing the stages of life. This also has an added background.



One of the most important things to remember if you want a large photo plate is that you have to start with a larger, high-resolution photo to get a good picture. The larger they have to be made, they tend to lose quality.

Our high-quality, fired, porcelain, photo plates are made by Precious Souvenir.

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