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You need to know if the cemetery you are dealing with has any

regulations on the type, size or color of markers they allow. Lots of

cemeteries have specific regulations. Regulations include limits on

minimum sizes, limits on marker types, and limits on what can be

engraved on the marker. Some regulations are imposed so that the

cemetery can charge more for their service.  The

variety of possible regulations is wide and it is not possible to know

what those regulations are without first contacting the cemetery.

To find out, you must contact your cemetery administrator and ask

what, if any, are their specific regulations on markers. You may already have been given that information in the paperwork, or in the contract, you received at the time of burial. As part of our job processing we ask the customer to make sure the cemetery has OK'd the stone specs.


You will need to gather the personal information that will be placed

on the stone. This includes names and dates, and it may also

include any other information or photos you wish to place on the


The Pioneer Rock and Monument Team

Bob, Kris, Ben & Marintha


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