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Stone grave markers are almost always made out of granite. Marble was once more common and can be found in older cemeteries but it is not as durable and tends to weather more easily than granite. All of the stones we sell are made out of  monument grade granite.


Gray, Rose,
Red, Mahogany & Black Granite are the colors we

try to keep in stock. Other colors can be custom ordered. The precise color

and grain of the stone is determined by the quarry where the stone

originates. There is always slight variation in the natural grain of the stone.

On dark stones like black and red, designs are often frosted to provide a

light background for black lettering or lettering in the polish is done in white.



We can also design headstones that have space for 2 names, typically

a husband and wife. Headstones with 2 names saves the cost of a

separate stone.  Typically the last name is presented only once. The

first names and dates are separate. These also work well for several

cremations in one plot. Various designs allow for epithets and limited

art. Two separate last names can also be done.

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