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Our gallery also includes various colored inscriptions and accents. This

coloring is provided by special rock dye. In the gallery you'll find

examples where green is used for foliage, red for flower petals and gold

for accents like golden crosses. Possible colors include blue, yellow,

purple, pink, orange, brown, black, white and many shades of gray. If

you find a design with specific accent color, red flowers for example,

and want a different color, simply say so in the special instructions for

the order. We will happily substitute different rock dye colors. There is

additional $25 charge for each color, other than black & white. Rock

dye cannot be guaranteed for a long period because of varying locations

and conditions.



Look carefully through our gallery and one of the things you will notice

is photographs embedded into the various headstones. Black and

white photos are made out of aluminum from an original photo. Color

photo plates are also available. They are made with ceramic. Photo

plates provide an interesting option when you are planning your project.



There are many situations where the headstone is installed before the

death of the person named on the stone. This happens, for example, when two names are on one stone. In this case the stone is left without a final date and perhaps even without a final inscription. Final inscriptions are placed on the stone later. If the stone is to be installed within 60 miles of our shop in Goldendale, we can do the final inscriptions for an extra fee. If the stone is located in other parts of the country, the cemetery care-taker or nearby funeral home should be able to recommend someone who can come to the cemetery and place final inscriptions and/or final dates.

The Pioneer Rock and Monument Team

Bob, Kris, Ben & Marintha


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