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Helping Cemeteries With Unmarked Graves

We have been privileged to help a number of cemeteries mark their unmarked graves. We have a program where we can give special prices for carved, granite headstones in lots of 10 or more. We were also just able to help a small rural cemetery with some stones we had left over from another project. They are small, simple stones with names and dates. Some of the cemeteries have set their own in cement pads and some have us set them. Some set them flat and some upright.

This is a picture story of the last cemetery we helped.

Getting stencil ready for carving.

Carving & stone dye finished.

Stones all carved and stripped of stencil and cleaned

Forms ready for upright headstones.

Headstones set in cement forms.

Stones loaded and ready to take to cemetery.

Headstones set in rural cemetery.

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